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SMART MOVES - a standalone novel - in p/b and ebook


For international troubleshooter Jake Foreman, losing his job, house and wife all in one day is the

kind of problem he can't solve. And when an impulsive move lands him in even deeper water - the

kind that could cost him his life - he decides it's time to make some smart decisions.

The trouble is, knowing the right moves and making them is a whole different game. And Jake,

who has been happily rubbing along in a job he always suspected was just a shade away from

being questionable, finds it too easy to go with the flow when he finds a new line of employment.

Now he's got to start learning otherwise - and fast. If he doesn't, he could end up dead.




"Dark humour, dubious activities, danger, beautiful women and a flurry of sex: an explosive mix.

What more could anyone want?"




"This new book will blow you away." - Terry Halligan - EUROCRIME REVIEWS

"A gripping and immensely entertaining novel with superb characterisation. Karen Cole -Blog

Tour reviewer  -

"Fast paced, vibrant and intriguing - 5 stars from me!" - Rachel Broughton - Blog Tour reviewer -

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Smart Moves'... very cleverly written - 4 stars out of 5".

Sonya Alford - Blog Tour reviewer -

"...a gripping...cleverly written story of life and how our choices can throw one into a tailspin...

well worth reading."   - Linda Green - Blog Tour reviewer -

"A fast-paced thriller that felt very fresh to read , and the subtle mix of humour worked really well!"

Karen Mace - Blog Tour reviewer -

"Sharp and witty, this book amused, was pacey with a tidy conclusion and a touch of romance -

what more could you want!!" - Kerrie Waller -

Smart Moves is quirky, funny, pacy and exciting. What more could you want for a book?"

Linda Hill -

"I really liked this book and enjoyed the easy flow of the storyline that Adrian Magson has managed

to keep up through the story."  - Melisa Broadbent -

"Smart Moves is a gritty, gripping read which would make a brilliant film. I highly recommend it 

giving it 4 stars. The ladies will love it!" - Chelle Baker -

"Smart Moves' has all the characteristics of a great crime caper movie: likeable hero, witty dialogue

and well-paced story. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Cathy Johnson  -

"... a fun-filled crime read with a wacky plot and cheesy scenes.... it made me hungry to read more." 

Emily Cannings -


"...filled with wry observations about the sheer doggedness of life, and the fact that Jake keeps

going regardless, is part of the story's overall charm." - Jo Barton -

"... a page-turner with a great lead, incidental crime, a decent smattering of dry comedy and our

hero even learns how to ride a bicycle again. Perfect!" - Chris Scotland - Amazon review

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