Gonzales & Vaslik 

 Due to the closure of this publisher, these two titles ('The Locker' and 'The Bid'), are no longer available at this time.


       I'm very proud of these two books and hope to bring them back re-branded and re-published at a later date.


  • The prisoner who wakes up in a box miles from anywhere.

  • The jailer who doesn’t question his job.

  • The shipment of drones stolen in transit from a cargo hub.

  • The kidnappers planning a devastating attack on US soil.                                        


When James Chadwick, a drone expert, disappears suddenly, Cruxys Solutions investigators Ruth Gonzales and Andy Vaslik are assigned to track his last movements.


With few clues to go on, the hunt moves from London to New York, gathering speed as they close in on a horrifying plan to kill the US President and inflict total damage on a US Air Force base.


And time is running out...

"The scariest part of this book is that everything is utterly probable, and scarily real."

menion Books Review


"A nice mix of superheroes and regular folks; some snappy writing and a timely story".

Booklist Reviews


"Much of the pleasure reading this comes from putting the pieces together with the two sleuths... they have nice chemistry and banter with aplomb."

Kirkus Reviews


"Thrilling suspense at its best. An ingenious, complex and ripped-from-the-headlines plot."

Fresh Fiction Reviews (1)


"... filled with gunfights, car chases and other stock thriller elements."

Publishers Weekly


"Action-packed, filled with suspense at every turn. We can always expect an exciting thriller from Adrian Magson, and The Bid is no exception."

Fresh Fiction Reviews (2)


Q: When is a kidnap not a kidnap?
A: When it's bait.
The Locker - Book 1
Cruxys is a private security consultancy providing support for people working in hazardous occupations. If these clients find themselves in trouble, all they have to do is call a confidential number, which triggers a Code Red alert.
One such call follows the apparent kidnapping of a little girl, Beth Hardman, who disappears along with her nanny, while her mother is at the gym.
But this is a kidnapping with a difference; there are no threats, no ransom demands. Only the proviso that Beth's mother, Nancy, must tell her husband, Michael, an overseas aid worker.
There's just one problem: Nancy doesn't know where he is and can't contact him. He could be in Africa or the Middle East, but is clearly out of call range.
Enter Cruxys operatives, Ruth Gonzales a former soldier, and Andy Vaslik, a former Dept of Homeland Defence agent. They begin digging as part of the support package to track down the missing husband and get Beth back.
But in spite of Nancy's assurance that Michael is out there, they can find no trace of him; no footprint, no documentation, no employment records... nothing. 
What do you do when a child’s life depends on finding a man who doesn't seem to exist?
"This is one of the year's most entertaining spy thrillers".

Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine


"A stunning psychological thriller."  

Fresh Fiction Reviews

"... most compelling... Gonzales and Vaslik make an appealingly mismatched investigative unit."  

Kirkus Reviews


"Magson takes the suburban thriller overseas and gives it a good twist. Readers who enjoy Harlan Coben and Joseph Finder will happily get lost in the nightmare presented here."  

Booklist Reviews


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