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A selection of short fiction on Kindle only


For many years I wrote short stories while trying to get the elusive book deal. Mainly crime fiction, of course, which is what I

always wanted to write, but also a market I hadn't planned on writing for - women's magazines. It was the biggest market available

for a struggling writer at the time, so I gave it a go. And that was where I really began to learn the trade of being a writer; of

writing to a word count, of always meeting deadlines and writing for a market that had fairly strict demands on content.

In the end, however, crime fiction won out.

Shades of Mayhem 


Fourteen short crime stories ranging from hard to soft, with varying shades of danger and mystery.

Ice Cream and Aurelie - Something to Trade - The Homecoming: - Pretty Hot T'ing - Pet Hate -  A Girl Thing Stuff Happens Hidden Benefits - The Trench Recipe for Mayhem ProcedureCall-Out Dressed to Kill The Duel.

Short Stories with Happy Endings - Vol 1

Stories of love, laughter and relationships, of youthful discovery, parental observations, renewed experiences and new beginnings.

Learning to Swim Upstream - Making Memories - The Beach House - The Cedar Swing - A Fork in the Path - Autumn River - A Piece of the Past - Window-Shopping - Fairy Stories - Almost Paradise - Promises, Promises - A Place to Come Home To.



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