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 Gavin and Palmer


"Gritty and fast-paced detecting of the traditional kind, with a welcome injection of realism." 

 The Guardian


No Time for Regrets - Book 6 - new on Kindle and in paperback. 

Investigative reporter Riley Gavin and former military cop and PI Frank Palmer haven't worked together for years. But when approached with questions about John Mitcheson, a past love of Riley's, now serving life in a remote maximum security jail , it stirs them to find out why the sudden interest.


Cue details of a past abortive coup in Algeria, a mysterious group of ex-army contractors with records of war crimes, and the emergence of high-level corruption, cover-ups and murder.

Following an abortive trip to the grim desert Unit 495 where Mitcheson is being held, they chance on some vital information Mitcheson had been holding; information certain people connected to government are prepared kill to keep secret.



No Peace for the Wicked - Book 1

From the south coast of England through the lower reaches of south London, tough young female investigative reporter Riley Gavin teams up with ex-Royal Military Policeman Frank Palmer to uncover the truth as to why three ageing and long-forgotten gangsters have been executed.

The trail of clues leads them to Spain’s gangsters’ playground near Malaga, where she faces a nasty fate, unearthing along the way a deadly web of vendettas, double-crosses and hatred in an underworld at war with itself.


"...sheer excitement from beginning to end... an adrenaline rush... as well written as anything on the Crime market today..."  

Chris High Reviews



No Help for the Dying - Book 2

When a young girl who vanished 10 years ago suddenly turns up dead, Riley Gavin finds herself drawn into a nasty web of deceit, murder and blackmail, and under the sinister glare of the Church of Flowing Light, which claims to help young runaways. But their agenda is anything but caring.


"The author...has a gift for conjuring atmosphere full of menace and sometimes understated as well as overt violence."




No Sleep for the Dead - Book 3

The third outing for London's top female investigative reporter Riley Gavin - and she has problems: work is thin on the ground, her long-distance love life looks set to stay that way, and former redcap Frank Palmer, her occasional sidekick, has disappeared after a disturbing chance encounter.

As if that isn’t enough, Riley is being watched by a shadowy figure in dreadlocks. When Palmer eventually surfaces, his determination to pursue justice for an old friend puts him and Riley in deadly danger from past enemies, vicious gangstas and the sticky threads of British Intelligence – not to mention a bitter old woman with a burning desire for revenge.


"As with all Riley Gavin & Frank Palmer stories, action packed from start to finish...touches of humour...guaranteed to keep you reading.” 

Monsters & Critics



No Tears for the Lost - Book 4

For once, Riley and Frank are working opposite sides of the street. Hired as bodyguard to VIP Sir Kenneth Myburghe, it's Frank's job to keep journalists like Riley at bay. But Riley has a job to do, too - and she needs to know if the rumours she's hearing about Myburghe are true.

With death threats involving his missing son, and the involvement of a rogue DEA agent, it looks as if the former British Ambassador to Colombia's past might be catching up with him.

Helped by a traumatised former intelligence officer who knew Myburghe during the Falklands war, Riley and Palmer find Sir Kenneth has more secrets than the Borgias, and his crumbling country pad is shored up by a powder which doesn't come in Blue Circle Cement bags.


"This intelligent crime novel... should garner this British author a larger following in the U.S. The crisp writing and fresh characters make this stand out from the mystery pack." 

Publishers Weekly



No Kiss for the Devil - Book 5

The body of a young female reporter found dumped in the Essex countryside, and identified by Riley Gavin, leads to self-recrimination and dark thoughts of vengeance for Frank Palmer.

But when Riley Gavin receives a job offer that is too good to be true, only for a trail leading back to the same dead woman, she and Palmer find themselves confronting elements of the Russian mafiya, who will stop at nothing to gain control of a vast Europe-wide telecomms licence... even if that means killing anyone who gets too close.


"With plenty of crisp dialogue and tense moments, the plot hurtles forward at a furious clip." American Library Association - Booklist Magazine



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