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                                                                        Harry Tate 

"If you enjoy a well-written, uncomplicated plot free of foul language and gratuitous sex, this is for you.

Snog, Marry, Avoid? Definitely snog. Harry Tate is a man I'd like to get to know better." 



Terminal Black - Book 6. 

Harry Tate has one rule: you don't abandon your friends. When he learns that former colleague

Rik Ferris has had a breakdown and disappeared, allegedly in possession of highly sensitive secrets

from MI6's archives, he agrees to look for him and, if possible, bring him back in.

But where to begin? Rik could be anywhere in the world.

All Harry knows is, if he doesn't find Rik, others will be sent out instead.

And they won't play by the same rules.

What Harry doesn't know is that Rik is being held prisoner and tortured for information relating

to a high-level mole in the British establishment. If he doesn't tell his captors what he knows, it

will result in a devastating cyber attack designed to bring the UK to its knees.




 5-star review on Amazon – 17 August – The Best Harry Tate Book 

The best book in the Harry Tate series, all very good, but this is excellent, more like this, fast moving and I was

unable to put down.”

 (UK customer)  

5-star review on Amazon – 21 August – Excellent Read (US customer)

“It was a fun read. Good plot; more realistic than a lot in this genre. I stayed up past 1:30 am to finish it. That’s a

sign of a good book to me.”

"The combination of pulse-pounding suspense, delicious twists and daring heroes makes for a highly satisfying



"Magson adroitly shuffles a double handful of desperate characters in his 6th Harry Tate thriller. Brisk and bracing."



"Magson always has a firm grip on his material... reminds me of Clive Egleton and his ability to write well-

choreographed action scenes. Terminal Black may not have the depth or elegance of some British spy novels (such

as Henry Porter, Mick Herron or Tim Sebastian), but it is certainly up there in terms of excitement and sheer

enjoyability. A very entertaining read." - MURDER, MAYHEM & LONG DOGS 

" sixth contemporary spy thriller...plenty of two-fisted action, shoot-outs and strong women who

can go toe to toe with their male counterparts." - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY



Execution- Book 5.  When a Russian hit team catches up with Roman Tobinskiy, political opponent of Moscow

and former FSB colleague of Alexander Litvinenko (murdered by polonium poisoning in 2006), it's an easy kill;

he's lying helpless in a hospital bed. But they realise too late that in an adjacent room is Clare Jardine, ex-MI6

officer, recovering from wounds while saving Harry Tate's life, and she had heard them talking. The one thing

they don't need is a witness to the murder.

When Clare goes on the run, Harry is ordered to track her down before the Russians reach her.

It's one of his toughest challenges yet. For not only is Clare as adept at covering her tracks as Harry is himself,

but the Russians are not the only ones after her.

In the background is an old enemy  - namely Paulton, his former boss.


Starred Review - Fans of Joseph Finder, David Ignatius, Lee Child & Gregg Hurwitz should start

reading Magson right now!"  BOOKLIST



Retribution - Book 4.  An atrocity that allegedly took place under Harry's watch one night in Kosovo in 1999

returns to haunt him when he receives a summons from an old United Nations contact.

A lone assassin is tracking down all those who were present, despatching his victims with cold, skilful efficiency.

But there's a wider danger: there's also a threat to the worldwide standing of the UN itself.

Who is the killer and why does he want revenge? And how is he tracking down Harry's former UN team

so long after the event?

To uncover the identity of the killer, Harry must first find out what really happened all those years ago...

and stay alive in the process.


"A stand-out thriller!"  Publishers Weekly


Deception - Book 3.  When Harry is asked to hunt down a rogue group of former army officers called The Protectory,

he isn’t much interested… until he finds that his former MI5 boss, Paulton, who tried to have him terminated

(see Red Station), is involved.

He learns that The Protectory targets army deserters and drains them of technical knowledge to sell to the highest

bidder, before disposing of them. And they are now believed to have their sights on a young, high-profile woman

staff officer with an eidetic memory... and she has suddenly disappeared.

But Harry isn’t the only one with a score to settle with his traitorous boss. Clare Jardine, a fellow Red Station

member and ex-MI6 operative, is also on Paulton’s trail, and has no intention of letting Harry get there first.


"...taut, keep-'em-guessing thriller packed with action and unexpected twists... " 





Red Station - Book 1.      NB: first mass market p/b edition


Harry Tate is a former soldier, loyal Security Services (MI5) officer and a servant of the State. He does what he's told,

fighting the war against terrorism, drugs and high-level criminal gangs.

When things go bad, and two civilians are shot dead during a drugs intercept, he is forced to take an immediate


posting to a place called Red Station, to help the agency avoid embarrassing media questions.

All Harry knows is, it's in a remote place where he will be under a strict No Contact Rule. That includes former

colleagues, friends, family - everyone.


What his bosses haven't told him, however, is that Red Station is a punishment posting for washed-out spooks...

and that Harry won't be coming home.

Which is where they have seriously underestimated their man. When he finds his life in imminent danger, not

only from an invading Russian army but a government assassination team known as The Hit, his only option

is to go on the offensive.



"... a ramped-up spy story of unusual vigour and imagination. The plotting is intricate... the action intense

fast-paced... a strong contender in a field long dominated by John le Carre and Ian Fleming."

Barbara Conaty - LIBRARY JOURNAL (US)



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