"Adrian Magson is arguably one of the most entertaining writers of British spy fiction currently operating."

Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine


Welcome to my website - the home of Marc Portman, Ruth Gonzales & Andy Vaslik, Harry Tate, Lucas Rocco and Gavin & Palmer ... along with a few other assorted characters.


Although most of my books come in series, you don't have to read them in order. Each book is like a standalone story with, of course, the main lead characters and a few regular walk-ons who like to come back for the sheer fun of it.


I hope you enjoy the experience and come back for more.



 NEW - February 2021

Deep cover specialist Marc Portman is in Lebanon on a last-minute assignment. A straightforward collect-and-go job. At least it should have been.​

Ambushed by a surprise attack, it's clear that someone had advance warning of Portman's arrival. But who is his unseen enemy and why do they want him dead? And how could his attacker have known of his movements with less than 24 hours' notice?

​Concluding there must be an active leak at the heart of the CIA, Portman finds himself virtually alone and running for his life, seemingly hung out to dry by the powers-that-be.

​If he is to survive, he must use his unique skill set to turn the tables on his pursuers . . . and beat them at

their own game.


"Adrian Magson is one of my favourite current writers of action spy novels."

Jeff Popple - Murder, Mayhem and Long Dogs 

"With such crisp and captivating writing, intriguing characters, fantastic action, and an authentic narrative, A Hostile State is a must-read."

Kashif Hussein - Best Thriller Books

"A solid cat-and-mouse thriller with a refreshing breakout character."

Kirkus Reviews

"engrossing fifth Marc Portman thriller." 

Publishers Weekly

"Filled with secrecy, intrigue, espionage and intelligence-led ops... Don't miss this one!"

Fresh Fiction Review


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