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Adrian Magson - Crime & spy thriller author
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           "Adrian Magson is arguably one of the most entertaining writers of British

             spy fiction currently operating."

 Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine






Pushed out of his job as an undercover HM Customs investigator by political pressure, Isaac Jackson

is looking for a change of direction.

As a temporary measure, he agrees to look after a gym and canal boat owned by an army buddy. But

a gentle intermission on the canal while teaching fitness and self-defence produces problems he

hadn't bargained on.

A series of bodies found along the canal throws him into the middle of a web of people trafficking,

corruption, forced labour and a high-level government defence contract scam.

Jackson is reluctant to get involved. But when a friend in the boating community is murdered, and

all all the signs point towards a corrupt developer and a gang of traffickers, he finds walking away

is not an option. 



  Available as a Kindle ebook only.



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