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Welcome to my website - the home of Marc Portman, Ruth Gonzales & Andy Vaslik, Harry Tate, Lucas Rocco and Gavin & Palmer ... along with a few other assorted characters.


Although most of my books come in series, you don't have to read them in order. Each book is like a standalone story with, of course, the main lead characters and a few regular walk-ons who like to come back for the sheer fun of it.


I hope you enjoy the experience and come back for more.





In 'Terminal Black', the 6th in the series, Harry Tate, former MI5 spy hunter, is approached by the security services and told that Rik Ferris, a fellow officer from the outpost known as Red Station, has dropped out of sight with what they believe is classified information culled from MI6 archives which he will sell to 'friends' in Russia.


This means he's gone rogue and will be hunted down unless Harry can find him and bring him in.

Harry doesn't believe his friend would do such a thing, but he knows if he doesn't get to Rik first, a

team will be sent after him... and they will play by a different set of rules; rules that mean Rik might not

come back at all.

But nothing's ever simple in the world of espionage, and unknown to Harry, Rik is not among friends

but is being held captive and tortured to reveal what the British know about a high-level Russian mole

in the British establishment. And his incentive is that if he doesn't come up with the name, a

devastating three-level cyber attack will be launched on the UK.

                 IMPORTANT NOTE:       NO CHANGE OF TITLES FOR ROCCO BOOKS Nos 1 - 4 !!

Following complaints and 1-star reviews by Amazon buyers of 'Rocco and the Echoes of War' on Kindle, (previously called 'Death on the Marais'), who did not see the warning on the Amazon page about the change of title, all four books will now keep their original titles, but with NEW COVERS.

This change-back refers to 'Death on the Marais',  'Death on the Rive Nord',  'Death on the Pont Noir' and 'Death at the Clos du Lac'. The cover title for 'Marais' has already been amended; the other covers will be put in place as the ebooks become available, on 6th September, 4th October and 1st November respectively.


Gonzales & Vaslik series


Following the decision to close the mystery arm of my US publisher (Midnight Ink) the rights have been reverted to me. There are plans for the two titles involved - 'The Locker' and 'The Bid' - to be re-published by The Dome Press. (Details TBA)


Harry Tate spy series

Following their takeover by Canongate, Severn House and the new imprint Black Thorn Books are

issuing the series for the very first time in mass-market paperback. The first title - 'Red Station' -

(No 1 in the series) - in its new cover will be available on 5 September 2019. 

Details about the other titles in this series will follow in due course.






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